Catalyst Incubator -  A Powerful Proven System To Grow Your Business

A Progressive Plan That Can Add Thousands to Your Monthly Sales

  • Fully Accredited Better Business Bureau A+ Rated business.
  • Foundation training to solidify your business skills for Consistent, Predictable, Repeatable growth.
  • Certified Master Profit First Professional to maximize your cash flow and profit
  • Self paced online video lessons viewable on all devices.
  • Works with any kind of business: Service, Manufacturing, or Distribution.
  • Weekly accountability calls to keep you on track.
  • StoryBrand Certified Guide to help you clarify your marketing message

Is Catalyst Incubator Right For Your Business?

Small & Medium Size Businesses  Catalyst Incubator is specifically designed for businesses ranging from 1 to 5 employees. From an income size, $50,000 to $360,000.

If you've been challenged with peaks and valleys of business volume, this is right for you. One of the reasons small businesses stall their growth is they don't understand the cash cycle and how growth affects it. You'll learn how to smooth out the peaks and valleys, reduce overtime during the busy times, and preserve your capital during the slow times.

The principles are proven, universal, and designed to give fast, immediate growth with profitability and positive cash flow. The methods you will learn can add thousands to tens of thousands of dollars of new business each month.

DISCLAIMER - Your results will vary based on how much effort you apply and how you apply it. You may not achieve any growth at all if you do not complete the assignments as delivered. We cannot make, nor do we make any claims to your success. The methods have a proven track record for those who apply them as we teach. If you change the approach, do not do the work, or only partially complete the assignments, your results will be different.


Deep Dives - Action Steps - Results Each Month

Each month we explore the theme from multiple perspectives. For those who don't want to know the details, there is the Quick Start Campaign. If you want to go deep, all the background information, strategies, and tactics are there for you as well. For each topic the following areas will be developed. You have as much time as you like to learn and implement. Your content and access never expires.

  • Generating New Business

    Catalyst is business growth. Each month we’ll deliver one promotion designed to give you fresh, new business as soon as you apply the steps. You can jump to this right away, without doing any of the other parts. It’s designed to be a quick start with fast results. These are tactical tools to immediately boost your sales this month.

  • Business School

    Most small business owners have never really had any formal business training. Business School is a fundamental core lesson upon which to build your business. You’ll learn about the things that make a real business successful. This isn’t boring charts and graphics, it’s all practical and designed to strengthen your growth.

  • Manage Your Time

    If you’re like the vast majority of small businesses, you’re spending too much time putting out fires. It’s annoying and frustrating. That all ends now. You’ll learn ways to save time, leverage, and multiply the time you have. Time is the most precious, nonrenewable asset you have. You’ll learn to quickly make the most of yours.

  • Weekly Q&A Calls

    Each week  there is an open Q&A call. You submit your questions and Mark Coudray answers them. You will receive an email each week with the date and time of each call. They vary to give people in different time zones a break. The calls are generally 1 – 1 1/2 hours long. If you can’t be on the call, they’re all recorded and posted. This is one of the most popular features of the program.

  • Accountability

    Some people just hunker down and get it done. Most people can’t. Too many distractions, too many interruptions. The day-to-day can really pull you down mentally. Accountability is about supporting you as your business grows. Our previous students often remarked the most powerful nonbusiness benefit from the program was the motivation and inspiration they received from the group.

  • Private Facebook Group

    The CATALYST Facebook Group is a private, confidential community. Post your questions, wins, and learning experiences. ALERT: Not everything is going to be perfect right out of the gate. Everyone is different and so are their experiences. This is a gathering to share and support each other. The friends you make it the group will be a valuable resource and asset on your journey.


Tom VanBost - Hailey Printing

The program has worked very well for me. I get new customers everyday.  In fact, today I have four new clients.   So far this year (April 2017) I have surpassed last years sales by over 48%. The best part is the sales are a higher value and a much higher profit margin. My supplier actually called to thank me and ask what I have changed in my business to reflect such a large increase in purchasing.

Megan Haines - Middletown Ink

Catalyst by Mark Coudray is extremely rewarding. The modules are packed with content that applies to any business level. The lessons he provides are priceless. The assignments are easy to follow and implement. Mark provides marketing procedures that are tried and true.

Pierre Jamniky - Blue Moon Promotional

We took Mark’s Catalyst Program two years ago and we got twice the return he told us we would get. The only advice I can give is, if you think about it, just do it. It will be the best money you will ever spend.


Bryan Petersen - BP Designs Screenprinting

Everyday there's something new happening. Catalyst ignited a fire around here. Putting the principles into play, I see the proof coming in and the orders are coming in. The ammo is there. It's given me a whole new perspective on my business. As a smaller shop it's made a big difference.


Delivered in our Training Portal

Each Module is delivered inside our Catalyst  Kajabi platform.  This easy to use platform contains all your content and downloads. Once you subscribe to a module, your access never expires. You can comeback and revisit as often as you like. The Member Area is  private and  password protected. There is no limit on how many people from your company can access.

View Content On Any Device

All content is mobile responsive meaning you can watch on any mobile device, iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet, or desktop. Content is automatically resized for each device. Access anywhere, anytime with any Internet connection.

Catalyst Incubator works with: Chrome, Safari, Firefox. Opera, or Internet Explorer.

Everyone who enrolls receives  a 1/2 hr personal consult with Mark Coudray


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