Destiny Principles is entry-level for businesses who are headed to $1 million in annual sales. This includes the first 3 Modules of the full Million Dollar Destiny course. It’s for you if you’re overwhelmed, short on resources, and have price-driven customers. Achieve significant profitable growth in 30 days.

Million Dollar Destiny is an online course with guided coaching for companies who have reached the seven-figure mark in annual sales. You’ll identify ideal target niches and customers, create compelling offers, and implement a proven sales process. Includes performance tracking metrics so you work less to achieve more.

Energize and transform your business for dramatic results. It’s for your company if you’re looking to grow by at least six figures or more in the next 12 months. Includes deep business analysis & process review, specific roadmap for the next year,  and focused weekly accountability calls and sessions.

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An introduction to exit preparation

This article is an introduction to exit preparation. The goal is to give you an overview of factors to consider. In Part Two, I will cover the types of buyers and some of the strategies needed for each type.

Finding the right buyer

I introduce some of the key factors to consider when you’re getting ready to sell your company. In Part Two, we’ll focus on the potential buyer types and the differences and considerations between them.

Delivering Hard Hitting Knowledge

He covers topics that are difficult for print shops to tackle: pricing, having a vision about what the business is, knowing who your best customers really are, and much more.

Growth Hacking

Mark Coudray has examined the financials of 160+ screen print shops across the world. He’s found the ways that print shops actually grow and succeed. 

Business Mastery

Mark Coudray lays out the abcds of the screen print business. Accelerated pipeline, Buying Characteristics, Connect with your customers, customers, and Data.